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About us

Who are we and what do we do?


The Tudulinna Kultuurikants non-profit organisation (Estonian for “Sleepy Town Cultural Bastion”) was founded on the July 20, 2017 with the purpose of restoring the old wooden church of Tudulinna and using it to host a variety of cultural events.

The wooden church has a long and dignified history. It deserves more than to just being left to fall apart on the Linnamäe hillside. In its current state, the church is more of a sad blot on Tudulinna, a place with deep cultural traditions. The members of the NPO have taken it to heart to renovate the old building and give it a new function that can be enjoyed by both locals and visitors from afar.

As of today, the NPO has about 20 members. All citizens and friends of Tudulinna who feel the desire to do something good and have a say in the process are welcome to join us. We have a great community and organise different events. There is already a summer festival called “Tudulinna lights”, that takes place in and around the unrestored wooden church. We also organise clean-ups and brainstorming events, heritage days for kids and more. We are open to cooperate with people and organisations, both local and distant.

In addition to renovating the Old Church building we try to contribute and set an example in discovering, researching, collecting and presenting the rich heritage of Tudulinna. There is much around us to hold, value and share.

The Tudulinna Kultuurikants non-profit organisation is led by a five-member board.

Those who wish to join us can fill in the application form in the “Becoming a member of an NPO” submenu.