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The story of a Rooster

Rooster like symbol


When the old church tower was completed, a rooster was placed on top of it, dated 1864. It probably marked the completion of the tower and the reconstruction of the church. The rooster stood in its place as long as the tower. When it was pulled down, the cock also fell. According to recollections, it sat atop a tractor’s roof for a few days, then disappeared from the public eye.

Fortunately, the rooster wasn’t lost complete. With the help of caring townsfolk, it quietly hid in the barn of Roiu farm for more than half a century. When the NPO Tudulinna Kultuurikants was founded with the aim of restoring the old church, the tower rooster also had a reason to come out of hiding, at the end of 2017.

The old rooster was reintroduced to the general public during a brainstorming session in the Tudulinna schoolhouse in January 2018. From there, the rooster has become a symbol for the restoration of the old church. He has honoured all public events organized by the NPO Tudulinna Kultuurikants with his presence.

Under the guidance of Nathan Kukk, pins with the rooster’s picture and the name “Tudulinna” have been made and are quickly becoming a popular symbol.

In the summer of 2018, the tower rooster was restored by KAR Group.

Tornikukk enne restaureerimist 2018 aasta algul.